Toward the release of the anime theatrical edition “Gintama THE FINAL” on Aug. 1, 2021, the anime “Gintama” will be returned to the terrestrial broadcast as “Yorinuki Gintama.: Slip Arc” from Oct. 7, 2020, in the evening slot on TV Tokyo.

“Gintama” is anime based on the same name manga by Sorachi Hideaki that is serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump”. This work filled with funny jokes, passionate actions, and drama overflowing with kindness was broadcasted for 15 years.

“Yorinuki Gintama.: Slip Arc” is the elite edition of “Gintama.: Slip Arc”, which was broadcasted on the late-night from Oct. 2017, and it will return to the “evening of TV Tokyo”, which was the slot that this work was broadcasted previously. The comments from producer Higuchi Hiromitsu, from Bandai Namco Pictures who handled this work, have been revealed.

“Yorinuki Gintama.: Slip Arc” will start its broadcast from 5:55 PM on Oct. 7 on TV Tokyo and other channels.

“Gintama.: Slip Arc” Bandai Namco Pictures' producer Higuchi Hiromitsu's comments
We are leaving the late-night slot, and returning to the evening slot! As we are returning to the evening slot, toward the challenge to deliver the late-night atmosphere to the evening slot, we are quite nervous, actually, we are both nervous and not nervous.
The highlights of Slip Arc is the Gintama's one and only slapstick! I hope that you watch the broadcast of the anime Gintama, which had been a while, with half-closed eyes, as if you are looking after it (haha), and with great laughter. As this will surely hype up the excitement toward the movie. Do enjoy the movie that will be released on Jan. 2021.

(C)Sorachi Hideaki/Shueisha,TV Tokyo, Dentsu, BNP, Aniplex
(C)Sorachi Hideaki/Gintama Movie Production Committee