The title of the completely new movie version, which is “really the last one” for the anime “Gintama”, has been set as “Gintama: THE FINAL”. At the same time, the release date and special promo video have also been revealed.

For 15 years, the anime “Gintama” has been overwhelming the common sense of the anime world with whatever you can imagine: parodies on famous anime and manga, many mosaic processing, jokes with an abrupt end, and repeated apologies that show no remorse at all.
The special promo video depicts the three unmotivated members of Yorozuya interacting with each other regarding the current affairs, such as “The action scene has become dense”, “I think our fight should be self-restrained as well”, “There are only two masks”, etc.
Also, Aug. 12, the release date of the special promo video, is the birthday of Shinpachi, who is in charge of Tsukkomi, but it is an unspoken rule that it will be ignored.

Miyawaki Chizuru, who has been the director of the TV series since the 3rd season and is in charge of the director and screenplay of this work, the truly last one “Gintama THE FINAL”, commented, “I would really like you to check out at the theater on what is supposed to be amazing, but by that time, it hopes that the world can be at ease. I can't say it's good yet because I just finished the storyboard recently (trembled)”

In addition, Higuchi Hiromitsu, General Manager of Namco Bandai Pictures, which has been involved in the production of the anime “Gintama” series, said to the fansand the original author, “Finally the title and release date have been announced! (Laughs) No matter what has been said so far, it will just be like the boy who criedwolf (laughs), I would like to make a fuss about Sorachi's involvement towards the final anime Gintama, and Sorachi-sensei, we would like to ask for your continued cooperation! (Strict deadline)”.

“Gintama: THE FINAL” will be released on Jan. 8, 2021.
In addition, with the full cooperation of the original author Sorachi Hideaki, the first visual for the movie version of “Gintama” is in process. It will be released on Aug. 20.

(C) Sorachi Hideaki / Movie version Gintama Production Committee distributed: Warner Bros. movie