It has been revealed that the anime “Eagle Talon” series celebrating its 14th anniversary from the first broadcast on TV will be broadcast from Oct. 4, 2020, as the TV anime “Eagle Talon – Golden Spell-“.
At the same time, it has also been announced that Nakata Jouji as the childhood friend of Chancellor, Kuroki Homare, who appears for the first time in this work, will appear and there are some comments arrived from him.

The “Eagle Talon” series is a world conquest comedy, which depicts communication based on a story of the evil secret society, Eagle Talon Team, who plans to take over the world, but fails whatever they do, and justice of a hero, Deluxe Fighter, largely incapable bully.

All 9 movies released in the theater surprised not only fans, but also the movie/advertising industry by adopting innovative advertising methods such as product placement and naming rights, and they have always been providing topics such as releasing the movie “DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon” in collaboration with Warner Brothers movies and DC entertainment in 2017.

The “Eagle Talon – Golden Spell-“, which was decided to be broadcast from Oct., will not be completed in one episode so far but will unfold in 12 episodes as a full story.

The full scenario goes as follows: The Eagle Talon Team, who succeeded in reviving an ancient spell “Golden Spell” that can manipulate human beings with just one word, develops “Golden Spell” with various effects, but someone stole all the spells and development programs… You can see this is how the work is loved as “the original crappy anime.”
It seems there will be more enjoyable contents, including the original sarcasm of “Eagle Talon” that could not be done during the slot for family such as current events; Corona Disaster and remote working, which are unique to late-night broadcasting, and a black comedy that reflects Japan's present.

Also, FROGMAN, the original author, scriptwriter, and the creator of the characters will keep in charge of the voices of peculiar characters: Chancellor and Yoshida-kun, who say, “Speaking of 'Eagle Talon'!”
Moreover, one of the voice actors, Nakata Jouji, who challenged all the roles in a special project held in 2019, “What if Nakata Jouji tried Eagle Talon's voices all by himself -'Phantom Mosquito Edition'-“, will join as Kuroki Homare, the president of a global company, Crotter Co., Ltd., and the Chancellor's childhood friend.

Besides that, an official YouTube channel exclusively for “Eagle Talon” was also opened for broadcasting in Oct. Not only the past series videos but also those related to the latest work will be uploaded.
Check out Eagle Talon Team that will rampage at their home ground, the midnight slot of the commercial TV station where they can show who they really are, 4 years after the end of broadcasting on NHK.

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[Nakata Jouji as Kuroda Homare]
Who could imagine I'll have the opportunity to join again as a special team member! How lucky, Chancellor! And it's like a dream that I can co-star with Chancellor and Yoshida-kun in the TV series this time. I wanna tell myself watching the movie while laughing at the movie theater in the past! Excited and nervous?