The first large-scale exhibition of the world of Ishida Sui, known for “Tokyo Ghoul”, the popular comic, with over more than 44 million copies of which have been published, will be held.

Ishida Sui debuted with the “Tokyo Ghoul” series, which was a long-run series on Weekly Young Jump from 2011 to 2018. Though being a dark fantasy, the troubling series that questioned life and justice was published not only in Japan, but in 37 countries and regions. With a TV anime series, live-action film, and recently collaborating with the game “Knives Out”, the series is still relevant even after serialization.
In Dec. 2020, the game “Jack Jeanne” for which Ishida Sui drafted, designed the characters, and wrote the story, will be released. It is a completely original youthful story of boys and girls set in an opera school.

The exhibition is based on the theme of “Reliving the world of Ishida Sui ~How he gave birth to his works from zero~”. It will reveal the production procedure of the “Tokyo Ghoul” series and “Jack Jeanne” through illustrations and other materials.

Details, includingsuch as the dates and places, of “Ishida Sui Exhibition [Tokyo Ghoul ▲ Jack Jeanne]” haven’t been decided yetare yet to be decided. PleaseLet’s look forward to further announcements.

(C)Sui Ishida / SHUEISHA (C)Sui Ishida / BROCCOLI