It turns out that voice actor・Kayano Ai will perform on 4th title of ASMR voice work series “NEKOGURASHI.”, “NEKOGURASHI. SHAMUNEKO MUSUME TO IYASHI NO DARAKE” .

She plays the role of a calm older female Siamese cat, who speaks slowly and is an expert at healing.

“NEKOGURASHI.” is a series of voice works merging storyline centered on “ASMR” where people feel by hearing and visual stimulation., and it has been downloaded more than 14,000 since its release on Jun 15, 2020. The scenario describes cats with various characteristics that serve at the Japanese Hotel Nekomeikan located between this world and another world. This series has been performed by gorgeous voice actresses starting with Uesaka Sumire, who performed the Calico cat on the 1st title, Taketatsu Ayana who performed the White cat on the 2nd title and Aida Rikako who performed the Black cat on the 3rd title.

The Siamese cat on the 4th title, which Kayano Ai plays the role of, is a calm and older female cat character.
She speaks gently and slowly, and likes to live in idleness, which makes her an expert of healing.
You should be healed by her signature phrase “At first… should I make you feel good…….?”

“NEKOGURASHI. SHAMUNEKO MUSUME TO IYASHI NO DARAKE” performed by Kayano Ai is priced at 1980 JPY(tax included), and is available on “DLsite Dojin” from Jul 6, 2020.
”NEKOGURASHI” has 7 titles and is going to be delivered continuously on every Monday. We should pay attention to the characters and who performes their voice on the next 3 titles.