“Ultra Seven Collection for TAKEO KIKUCHI”, a fashion item inspired by the “Ultra Seven”, is now available. Pre-orders are currently available at the Takeoki Kikuchi Online Store.

This product is based on the Takeo Kikuchi brand concept from the Earth Defense Force Ultra Guard wardrobe that appeared in “Ultra Seven”. Ultra Seven, monsters, and member clothing designs featuring 10 types of fashion items, including T-shirts, jersey pants, backpacks, and sneakers, are supposed to be sporty and fun.

Each product has an “Earth Defense Force Ultra Guard” symbol mark from “Ultra Seven” and a special mark with a bowler hat.
It is official goods that Takeoki Kikuchi created with sincerity for fans, enthusiasts, and other interested people.

“Ultra Seven Collection for TAKEO KIKUCHI” is available for pre-orders now at the “Takeo Kikuchi Online Store”. Sales will start from Jul. 22 at total 9 stores including Shibuya Meiji Dori Main Store, Nagoya Parco Store, and Namba Marui Store.

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