Voice actress Amamiya Sora appeared on the cover of “Seiyuu Grand Prix” Aug. issue. The magazine features a long interview and comments from her on her 5th anniversary as solo artist TrySail.

The 20-page long special opening article of “Seiyuu Grand Prix” Aug. issue features Amamiya Sora, who has just released the Blu-ray “Amamiya Sora Live 2020”. She recently sang Sukima Switch's classic song “Kanade”, which she covered as a character song 6 years ago, while playing the piano on her official YouTube channel, and made quite a splash. In the long interview, she looks back at her artist career and has photos in 3 different outfits.

The magazine is also full of other content, such as a talk session between Amemiya Sora and Takahashi Rie, the heroines from the TV anime “Rent-A-Girlfriend”, and special features of popular voice actors and groups, such as Kusunoki Tomori, Ishihara Kaori, Earphones, Sumiya Tetsuei ×Toki Shunichi, and Komada Wataru × Itou Kento.

“Seiyuu Grand Prix” Aug. issue is priced at 1,330 JPY (tax included) sold at book stores and anime specialty shops all over Japan. E-books are also available at Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kob, honto, and other websites.