A movie of “BEM”, the new anime created to celebrate the 50th century of “Humanoid Monster Bem”, titled “BEM: Become Human”, has been announced to premiere in autumn 2020. Along with it, a teaser poster and teaser of the film has been released.

“Humanoid Monster Bem” debuted in 1968 on TV, and left an overwhelming impact with its dark, mysterious world and unique characters. The protagonists are never welcomed for their ugly looks, no matter how much good deeds they do, and desperately wish to become human. The monumental horror anime was a big hit that received a record high audience rating of over 20%.
The TV anime “BEM” is a brand new anime that kept the settings and messages from the original work while adding new interpretations and boldly changing the story and characters. It was produced and broadcast in 2019.

The animation of the new film, “BEM: Become Human”, will be handled by Production I.G, which has been a part of the “BEM” project from the beginning, and have worked on high-quality animation such as “Ghost in the Shell” and “Psycho-Pass” series.
The production staff are: director Hiroshi Ikehata (“Magical Circle Guru Guru”, “Space Battleship Tiramisu”), scriptwriter Tomioka Atsuhiro (“Pokémon”, “One Piece: Stampede”), character settings Murata Renji (“Last Exile”, “ID-0”), and character designer Matsumoto Mino (“Maria the Virgin Witch”, “Attack on Titan: Junior High”).
And the main cast members are the same as in the TV anime: Konishi Katsuyuki as Bem, M・A・O as Bela, and Ono Kensho as Belo. Additional cast members will be announced in the future.

Along with the announcement, a teaser poster and teaser of the film were released. The black and red teaser poster has the words “I want to become human.” with a character that appears to be Bem hiding his face and a dark shadow cast from his feet, representing the agony of the humanoid monster.

The teaser starts off with the words, “No one knows when it was born…” with “Preludes No.4” by Chopin and red cells pulsating in the background, depicting how the 3 humanoid monsters, “Bem, Bela, and Belo” were born. It ends with the sorrowful whisper saying, “I want to become human”.

They acted more human, saved more humans, wanted to be human, more than anyone else… 50 years later, the answer they've reached will finally be revealed in the film.

“BEM: Become Human” is scheduled to premiere in autumn 2020.

(C)ADK EM / BEM Production Committee