The drama starting from Jul. 9, 2020 titled “TV Theater Success Sou 2” released the cast visuals. The theme song has been decided to be “Success Sou de Matteru” (Waiting at Apartment Success), which Aramaki Yoshihiko, Kuroba Mario, and Wada Masanari try new dance and rap music. The narrator for this drama is Miyano Mamoru.

“TV Theater Success Sou” had been broadcast in 2019 as a new genre of drama as “TV Theater” in 2019, which Nelke Planning (known for 2.5-dimensional live-action play production) and the scriptwriter Tokuo Kouji (became famous from the drama 'Ossan's Love') collaborated and try to rehearse only once. This drama is the 2nd series.

The theme song is called “Success Sou de Matteru” (Waiting at Apartment Success), which was originally written for this drama. Lyric and music are directed by the director Kawajiri Keita (SUGARBOY), and the rap part will be sung by all cast members, including Aramaki Yoshihiko, Arisawa Keitarou, and Takahashi Kensuke. The rap part has a total of 11 types, and the lyrics match with each character.

Moreover, Miyano Mamoru, who is a voice actor active in many fields as a voice actor and a singer, will narrate the drama. The promotion movie narrated by Miyaon will be released soon.

“TV Theater Success Sou 2” will start the broadcast from Jul. 9, 2020 on 1:00 am on TV Tokyo and other channels.

(C) “TV Theater Success Sou 2” Production Committee ※In order of the room numbers

(C) “TV Theater Success Sou 2” Production Committee