“#Everywhere Suzu-san” (Achikochi Suzu-san), the campaign to connect people like the protagonist Suzu from “In This Corner of the World” did during the war, is still ongoing in 2020. The special program titled “Everywhere Suzu-san: Wars Told by Young People” (temporary title) has been decided for Aug. 13.

“#Everywhere Suzu-san” is the keyword created when the NHK program “Close-up Gendai+” in Aug. 2018 gathered episodes on SNS. It attempts to keep the memory of war to the future generations by cooperating with newspapers and internet media, who want to discuss about a slice-of-life during the war.

The special program “Everywhere Suzu-san: The Wars Told by Young People” (temporary title) will be broadcast on Aug. 13. The episodes of war, including “food”, “fashion”, and “romance”, collected by young generations of teens to '30s, will be made into anime.
The director is Katabuchi Sunao following the previous year, and the actors include Yaotome Hikaru and Inoo Kei from Hey! Say! JUMP, the comedian Chihara Junior. The narrator is the announcer of Etomo Rie.

<Full comments are listed below>
【Director Katabuchi Sunao】
This year marks the 75th year after the war.
Only 25 more years for the 100th year.
It is our turn to answer to “tell me about war” as “grandpa and grandma”.
What can we teach them when the time comes?

【Chihara Junior】
There are stories that the Japanese should know, and the episodes in “#Everywhere Suzu-san” are the most important ones.
The stories even make me that I should live to my best after learning that such lifestyles had existed, so please watch the program.