“In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World”, “Fate/Grand Order,” and other anime titles from the last decade were featured in the February edition of the fine arts magazine “Bijutsu Techou” released in Jan. 7, 2020.
The special report titled “The creative power of animation” in the magazine explains the most important innovations that happened since 2010 in the anime industry.

The article highlights the changes in the animation production process due to the diversification in distribution such as online streaming, as well as a mixture with other types of medias, and rights industry for the goods and games.
“The creative power of animation” also includes first-hand interviews with creators involved in the production of various animes ranging from independent to large-scale ones.

The opening pages start with an article on “In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World”'s Director Katabuchi Sunao, regarding his thoughts about the latest work and his perspective on animation. The report includes a wide range of interviews from Director Tatsuki (“Kemono Friends” and “Smoke Plants”), French director Jérémy Clapin for “I Lost My Body”(currently streaming on Netflix), and director Don Hertzfeldt which work was nominated in the Academy Award. The interviews is regarding their perspective on the world of animation in and outside of Japan.

In addition, in the symposium “The view on the animation world from the Japan's anime last decade”, the magazine editor Doi Nobuaki and Takase Kouji were joined by the big names Takahata Isao, Shinkai Makoto and Yuasa Masaaki to discuss about a variety of topics including the production feature animation films, business and other creators around the world.

There's also, included in the report, a talk between Yamashita Shingo and Iso Mitsuo, known for “Coil A Circle Of Children”, an interview with the directors of the 4th year anniversary video of “Fate/Grand Order”, an interview with the AC Club, creators of the “Bobunemimimmi” corner of “Pop Team Epic”, an interview with Iwai Shunji, director of “The Murder Case of Hana & Alice”, and an analysis essay behind the marketing strategy of “Osomatsu-san” and “Pre-cure”.
This edition of the magazine contains a handful of insights from various angles on the anime industry overall and is a must-have for fans and collectors.

The February edition of “Bijutsu Techou” was released on Jan. 7. Priced at 1600JPY (tax excluded)

“Bijutsu Techou” February Edition
Release date: Monday Jan. 7, 2020
Price: 1600JPY + taxes
Printed by: Bijutsu Press