Director of high-grossing animated movie “In This Corner of the World” Katabuchi Sunao had established a new company, called “CONTRAIL”, in order to produce his next full-length animated film on Sep. 2, 2019. It was also stated that the company will start actively hiring new staff from Jan. 2020.

So far Katabuchi has been involved in projects such as “Sherlock Hound” as Screenplay director, “Kiki's Delivery Service ” as support staff, and “Famous Dog Lassie” & “BLACK LAGOON” as director. His latest full length animated film “In This Corner of the World” was nominated and won both Japan Academy Film Prize (Best Animation of the Year category) and the Festival International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy's Jury Award for Feature Film.

The new company was established to produce his next full-length film. Katabuchi stated that “I want to make animations that will be loved by many people for generations to come”, bolstering feelings of love for his craft, adding also that he won't be sparing time and effort producing his next masterpiece.
The company “Contrail” was named after vapor trails and its logo's color is the same blue as the sky, imaged after a white cloud stroking a long trail on the sky.

■Corporate Profile
Company Name: CONTRAIL Co.,LTDs
Founded: Sep. 2, 2019
Board Representative: Otsuka Gaku
Director/Board Member: Katabuchi Sunao
Location: Suginami Ward, Tokyo
Main Business: Animation planning and production