The manga “The Promised Neverland” (abbreviation: YakuNeba), which received a TV anime, ended its serialization on the 28th issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump” released on Jun. 15, 2020. Moroboshi Sumire-san, who voiced Emma in the anime adaption, commented on the 4-year-long series on Twitter, and the official “The Promised Neverland” Twitter posted comments and an illustration by Shirai Kaiu-sensei and the illustrator Demizu Posuka-sensei.

“The Promised Neverland” was serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2016 by author Shirai Kaiu-sensei and illustrator Demizu Posuka-sensei. The dark fantasy has over 21 million copies (including e-books) as of the reprint of the previously published comics in early Jun.
It depicts the protagonist Emma and her friends raised in an orphanage standing up against the harsh fate with hope in their hearts.

On finishing their 4-year-long initialization, the official “The Promised Neverland” Twitter posted, “We were very fortunate to meet you all and would like to express our gratitude to the 4 years of you enjoying our work. However, #YakuNeba is not finished yet! We still have a heap of fun projects. Thank you for your continuous support,” along with comments and an illustration from Shirai-sensei and Demizu-sensei.

Shirai-sensei thanked the fans saying, “The main story of YakuNeba has been concluded! I'm sure there were some things we could have done better, but we gave it our all. We were able to accomplish this thanks to the support of the readers. Thank you so much!!”
And added, “But YakuNeba isn't over yet!”, and “It may have been concluded, but it never ends! I hope you will enjoy the YakuNeba world that will keep developing!”

Demizu-sensei commented along with an illustration of Emma and her friends, “We've finally reached the last chapter. Thank you for an awesome 4-years! Though the main story has ended, I still have much to illustrate!” talking about the 2nd season of the anime and the illustration fan book and followed with, “All these projects after the conclusion is thanks to you who support us. There are more YakuNeba projects than what I talked about above. We will continue to do our best to create entertaining content!”

Moroboshi-san quote tweeted the official tweet to thank the authors and express her gratitude for taking part in “YakuNeba”, “Demizu-sensei! Shirai-sensei! Thank you for your hard work! I was very fortunate to meet this work and play Emma,” and followed by expressing her enthusiasm towards the 2nd season, “I will continue to do my best in the 2nd season of the anime. YakuNeba still continues! I'm looking forward to future projects.”

Though the serialization of “YakuNeba” has finished, the 2nd season of the anime will be broadcast on Fuji TV “Noitamina” from Jan. 2021, a live-action movie will be released in Dec. 2020, and an overseas drama has just been announced.
Let's look forward to future developments.

(C)Shirai Kaiu・Demizu Posuka / Shueisha
(C)Shirai Kaiu・Demizu Posuka / Shueisha・The Promised Neverland Production Committee