Season 2 of the TV anime “The Promised Neverland” will start on Thursday, January 7, and the key visual for this main visual has been revealed. It was announced that the audio commentary from the double Isabella from the anime and live-action movie, Kaida Yuuko and Kitagawa Keiko will be broadcast along with the re-run of episode 12 of season 1.

“The Promised Neverland” is a dark fantasy manga written by Shirai Kaiu and drawn by Posuka Demizu that was serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump” from 2016 to 2020. Season 1 of the anime was broadcast on Fuji TV’s Noitamina in 2019.

The key visual depicts the main protagonist Ema and Mujika, the new character appearing in season 2, with a dining table that gives off a mysterious aura.

Season 1 of this work is currently having a rerun in Fuji TV’s Noitamina. An audio commentary of Kaida Yuuko and Kitagawa Keiko will appear in the rerun of episode 12 on December 17.
Kaida Yuuko is the voice of Isabella in the anime, while Kitagawa Keiko is playing Isabella in the live-action movie that will be released on December 18. Do checks out their commentary.

(C)Shirai Kaiu, Posuka Demizu/Shueisha, The Promised Neverland Production Committee