Apr. 23 is Morohoshi Sumire's birthday.

Morohoshi Sumire had been active as a child actor, and made debut as a voice actress in the 2000's. She has been playing several characters from a protagonist to a heroine since the early teenager. In the new series of 2020 spring season, she plays the main characters from “BNA” and “The Genie Family 2020”.

Here at Anime!Anime!, we have interviewed her for “Meiji Tokyo Renka” and “ULTRAMAN”.

To commemorate Morohoshi Sumire's birthday, we have conducted a reader's survey titled “Who is your favorite character played by Morohoshi Sumire?” following the survey held last year. We received answers from 227 people from Apr. 12 to Apr. 19. The male-female ratio was approximately 30% male, while the females made up the majority with 70%. The young readers made up the majority, where the 19-year old or under made up approximately 60%, while 20's made up approximately 25%.

■Hoshimiya Ichigo from “Aikatsu!”: The popular character that she played for a long time is ranked in the 1st place for 2 consecutive years!

The 1st place goes to Hoshimiya Ichigo. The support rating was approximately 30%, and she ranked in the top following the result from the previous year.

Morohoshi-san has been playing Hoshimiya Ichigo since she was a middle school student, and several comments said, “she is the character whom I grew up together.” Her optimism is one reason for her popularity, and the comments mentioned it said, “She gave energy by being optimistic, challenges anything, and never giving up”, and “her attitude of leading her lowerclassmen with optimism is an idealistic image of an idol.”
There are comments mentioned about her acting in the latest series, and it said, “She continues to be a charismatic idol also in 'Aikatsu on Parade!'. As a fan that followed the series as the story progresses, I was happy to see the series and the characters becoming popular and popular.”

The 2nd place is Yachi Hitoka from “Haikyu!”. The support rating was approximately 20%.

She was popular for her hard-working personality, and the comments related to it said, “She even made me nervous because she was anxious in the beginning, but I was relieved to see her growing up together with 1st-year students in the volleyball club”, and “she worked hard to learn about volleyball although she was a beginner, and she made me think that I have to work hard, too.”
The character from the popular series which was broadcasted this year ranked one higher than the previous year.

The 3rd place is Izumi Kyouka from “Bungo Stray Dogs”. The support rating was approximately 15%.

She was popular for finishing the role with a sad background, and the comments related to it said, “She was cute and cool for trying to take a step forward although she has a sad background”, and “I liked how she (Morohoshi) finished playing the character with a complex history.”
There were comments praising her acting by saying, “The scene where Kyouka screams and shouts was so good that it gave the chills. I think only Morohoshi-san can do such acting.”

■Introducing other comments!
To Emma from “Promised Neverland”: “I love Emma because she cares so much about her family! I still want to have an older sister like her!”

To Fueguchi Hinami from “Tokyo Ghoul”: “Morohosi-san expressed both cute parts and the character's strength that she can strongly keep her belief.”

To Ayatsuki Mei from “Meiji Tokyo Renka”: “I loved how Morohoshi-san acted Mei-chan, who was lonely in the modern-day world, but begins to open her heart to Ougai and others in the world after she traveled over time to the Meiji era.”

To Kagemori Michiru from “BNA”: “Moroboshi-san's energetic voice matches perfectly with Michiru's energetic personality. The ears unique to raccoon characters were so cute as well!”

There were many comments to characters from the new series in the 2020 spring season.

The characters from the anime and games from abroad also ranked in.

■Overall Ranking
[Who is your favorite character played by Morohoshi Sumire? 2020 version]
1st: Hoshimiya Ichigo from “Aikatsu!”
2nd: Yachi Hitoka from “Haikyu!”
3rd: Izumi Kyouka from “Bungo Stray Dogs”
4th: Emma from “Promised Neverland”
5th: Ayatsuki Mei from “Meiji Tokyo Renka”
5th: Venellope from “Sugar Rush”
7th: Hino Miu from “Fafner in the Azure EXODUS”
8th: Kagemori Michiru from “BNA”
8th: Chiki from “Fire Emblem” Series
8th: Tenzin Wangchuk from “PSYCHO-PASS Sinners of the System Case.3 'Beyond the Revenge__'”
8th: Fueguchi Hinami from “Tokyo Ghoul”
8th: Moguri from “Final Fantasy” Series
13th: Kisaragi Tsubasa from “Aikatsu Stars!”
13th: Tsurumi Rumi from “My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected”

(Survey Conducted: Apr. 12, 2020 to Apr. 19)