“Kimi wa Tennen Iro” by Ootaki Eiichi released in 1981, was chosen as the ending theme song of the ongoing TV anime “Kakushigoto: My Dad's Secret Ambition”, and drew much attention of the fans.
Actually, this is not the first time for Ootaki to be involved in an anime. His songs were also used in director Yuasa Masaaki' works, such as “Devilman Crybaby” and “Lu over the Wall”.

“Kimi wa Tennen Iro” took 1st place in the survey we held the other day, “Which spring 2020 anime theme song is your favorite? 【ED edition】”, showing how the song still gains popularity of the younger generation even after 40 years have passed since its release.

Also, in the past, Ootaki's “1969nen no Drag Race” was used in the film “Chibimaruko-chan: My Favorite Song” in 1992, which was produced by Ajia-dou the same as “Kakushigoto” and partly staged by Yuasa Masaaki. And in the 2nd TV series of “Chibimaruko-chan” in 1995, Ootaki produced the opening theme “Ureshii Yokan by Watanabe Marina” and the ending theme “Harikiri Jiisan no Rock'n'Roll by Ueki Hitoshi”.

Going back further, he composed and took part in the chorus of “Ganbareba Ai by Crazy Party (Nemoto Kaname)” in the anime film “Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! 2 Gekitou Pennant Race” released in 1980. This song inspired him to create “Kimi wa Tennen Iro”.

“Kimi wa Tennen Iro” is included on the limited first edition of “Happy Ending” Disc-2 “'Niagara TV Special Vol. 1' Ootaki Eiichi”, which was released this spring to celebrate Ootaki Eiichi's 50th anniversary since his debut, as “Kimi wa Tennen Iro (Kakushigoto Ver.)”.