“Revival Commentary Event” (A.K.A Revacome!), the event which screens the anime loved for a long time together with live commentary and talk show by the voice actors of that time, will be held. As the first work, “Library War” has been announced, and the appearance of Inoue Marina and Maeno Tomoaki has been decided.

TV anime “Library War” is based on the bestseller novel by Arikawa Hiro, which has been published over 6.4 million copies.
The stage is set in Japan of 2019, where “Media Improvement Law”, the law to censor the media with violation of human rights, was established. The protagonist Kasahara Iku respects the library agent as “the prince” from an incident which she had experienced when she was in high school and decides to become the library agency. She is affiliated with “Library Task Force”, for having high ability of athletics and a lot of passion, but…

At the 1st “Revacome!”, which is scheduled on Aug. 2020, from “Library War” Inoue Marina (playing Kasahara Iku) and Maeno Tomoaki (playing Doujou Atsushi) will attend the event. Two episodes will be shown in each event (first episode for afternoon event is decide) based on “popular episode ranking” held beforehand, and live commentary will be held, too. Other than this, a talk show and the autographed goods lottery will be held as well.

“Revival Commentary Event” will be held on Aug. 22, 2020 at the large hall in Nakano ZERO. Further information will be announced later.