From “Disney Twisted Wonderland” comes the acrylic clip set and clear file set with the design of the dormitory heads such as Leona, and Kalim. Pre-orders for each product are available at “Premium Bandai”.

The clear file sets are A4 sized files that can be used daily. Each set contains 6 files with the illustration designs of the dormitory heads such as Riddle, Malleus, and Kalim.

The acrylic clip set is an item with multi-functions such as holding the memo together and use as a decoration for the bag as it comes with a safety pin. The product also featured illustrations of the dormitory heads such as Riddle and Leona.

“Disney Twisted Wonderland Clear File Set (2 types) ” and “Disney Twisted Wonderland Acrylic Clip Set” are now on sales in “Premium Bandai”. Shipping is scheduled for Aug. 2020 for both the products.