It has been announced that Disney's official video streaming service “Disney+” will start its service in Japan from Jun. 11, 2020.
It comes with the fixed monthly price of 700 JPY (tax excluded), and the various line-ups including the latest movies such as “Toy Story 4”, “Lion King”, and “Avengers: End Game”.

“Disney+” is the official video streaming service by the entertainment brands owned by Disney, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographics.
The service in Japan is affected by the satisfactory achievement in the U.S., Europe, and India, and the service will be provided through exclusive cooperation with NTT Docomo.

The price is the fixed monthly fee of 700 JPY (tax excluded), and orders can be made in Docomo shop, My Docomo, and the official website of Disney+. The d account is required for the application, but the users of any phone carrier can apply for this service.
Moreover, if the user is a member of the entertainment service which Disney and NTT Docomo provide together called “Disney Deluxe”, no extra fee is required to apply for the service from Jun. 11.

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【Uday Shankarr, President of Walt Disney Company Asia Pacific Branch】
In the Asia-Pacific region, Disney+ is successful in Australia, New Zealand, and India by providing service as Disney+ Hotstar. I am happy that I can now deliver the magic of Disney+ to Japanese consumers and can continually provide the heartwarming stories of the loved characters this time.

【Luke Kang, the Managing Director of Walt Disney Company】
The beginning of the service of Disney+ from Jun represents the commitment by Walt Disney Company to create stories which make the everyday life enjoyable. There is a long-lasting relationship with the consumers in Japan that they have fostered our brand with love and support. It is honorable for us to start Disney+ in such place. Disney's stories are filled with hope, courage, and optimism, and those stories gained wide support from Japanese fans. I believe that Disney+ continues to strengthen and widens this connection. This service will be provided together with NTT Docomo, who has been a wonderful partner of us for a long time, and we will deliver the best entertainment never existed before to consumers in Japan.

【Carol Choi, the CEO of Walt Disney Japan Co. Ltd.,】
I am honorable that now I can exclusively provide Disney+ to the fans in Japan advancing the cooperation with Docomo through Disney Deluxe. We will continue to take a step forward with Docomo, and hope that this service will be provided with other partners for a wider variety of fans.

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