Uesaka Sumire's photo book called “Sumireiro” has been released. Uesaka Sumire is the voice actress who is famous for “Star ☆ Twinkle Precure” and Cure Cosmo, and “BanG Dream!”.. Along with it, joyful comments from Uesaka have arrived.

The first photo book “Sumireiro” had been released on Dec. 19, 2019, which is Uesaka Sumire's birthday.
The photo book is set in Japan and South Korea, together with the team to maximize the charms of Uesaka: the stylist Sano Natsumi, who is the ally of Uesaka, Kuwajima Tomoki as the photographer, Futoki Akiko as the hair makeup, and other members.

This is a photo book that focuses on a new aspect of Uesaka that has never been seen before, and has received a great response – at the talk event held for commemoration of the release, all venues were fully acclaimed. The abundant knowledge of subculture, the ability to witty talks, and the power word that jumped out from unexpected angles such as, “woman's body works well as nutrition” drew a great attention to each venue, and became a hot topic on the SNS.

Uesaka Sumire's photobook “Sumireiro” is priced for 2,727 JPY (excluding tax).

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Uesaka Sumire
Uesaka-san, congratulations on the 2nd edition! You did it!
“Sumireiro” is a book fulfilled by stylist Sano's feelings of life, and I would be very happy if everyone would see it.
Once again, it was a fun photoshoot!