The 2nd key visual of the TV anime, “Dokyuu Hentai HxEros”, has been released along with information about the theme song. The anime will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and other channels from Jul. 3, 2020.

TV anime “Dokyuu Hentai HxEros” is based on the manga by Kitada Ryouma serialized in “Jump SQ.”
Earth is at the brink of an unprecedented crisis due to the unknown invader called “Censor Bug”. The Censor Bugs try to suck the “H Energy”, the erotic source of humankind, out of humans to deprive them of vitality. High school student Enjou Retto becomes a member of the hero group “HxEros” to protect the Earth from the Censor Bugs.

The 2nd key visual centers on the members of the Saitama branch, such as Enjou Retto and Hoshino Kirara, and the root of all evil, the Censor Bugs.

Also, the theme song has been decided to be handled by special unit “HXEROS SYNDROMES”, which is produced by BURNOUT SYNDROMES, who have handled various theme songs of titles such as “Haikyuu!!”. The song is titled “Wake Up H×ERO! feat. Enjou Retto (voiced by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)”, and Matsuoka Yoshitusugu as Enjou Retto will be featured in it.
Along with this announcement, comments from Kumagai Kazuumi (BURNOUT SYNDROMES) and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (voice of Enjou Retto) have arrived.

TV anime “Dokyuu Hentai HxEros” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS11, and other channels from Jul. 3, 2020.

<Full comments are as below>
【Kumagai Kazuumi from BURNOUT SYNDROMES】
“Eroticism” and “Hentai” both come from love.
The song is based on the theme of the title, “Protect your love from censorship!”
It's a hero song that is nostalgic yet novel!
I am looking forward to seeing how the special unit shows this theme!

【Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Enjou Retto】
I will be voicing Enjou Retto, and will be featured in the opening theme song, joining the professional singers.
I did my best to express the burning passion in the song as Retto, and I hope to heat the passion for HxEros with all of you.
Please look forward to the broadcast!

(C)Kitada Ryouma / Shuueisha・Dokyuu Hentai HxEros Production Committee