The main cast of the TV anime series "Dokyu Hentai HxEros" that have been announced are; Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (as the protagonist, Enjo Retto), Kakuma Ai (as the heroine, Hoshino Kirara), Yahagi Sayuri (as Momozono Momoka), Kuwahara Yuuki (as Tenkuuji Sora), and Kayano Ai (as Shirayuki Maihime). They each gave a comment about playing their roles.

"Dokyu Hentai HxEros" is originally a "Teenage Hero Comedy" manga serialized in "Jump SQ.".
The earth is in a crisis being invaded by the mysterious "Kiseichuu" (Parasite) which attacks humans to suck their erotic "H energy" leaving them spiritless. High school student Enjo Retto becomes a member of the hero team " HxEros" to fight against the "Kiseichuu".

Information such as the broadcasting date of the anime series "Dokyu Hentai HxEros" hasn't been announced yet. We look forward to further information.

<Full comments are as bellow>
【Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Enjo Retto】

Hi, I'm Matsuoka and I'll be taking part in "HxEros".
You all know what "H energy" means, right?
I'm sooooo excited about this series!!
I will save up my "H energy" to do my best at the recordings.
With the spirit of "Save the H energy! Burn your energy!", we will make this the best anime ever!
Please look forward to the broadcast!

【Kakuma Ai as Hoshino Kirara】

I'm Kakuma Ai and I will be voicing Hoshino Kirara-chan.
When I heard the title at the audition I knew this was going to be a peculiar anime.
Kirara-chan is not just a cute girl, and I hope to find out more about her.
I'll do my best to save the world from the "Kiseichuu".

【Yahagi Sayuri as Momozono Momoka】

The title says it all!
It's an honor to be part of "Dokyu Hentai HxEros".
I hope to get the boys all excited through my performance!

【Kuwahara Yuuki as Tenkuuji Sora】

I'm Kuwahara Yuuki and I will be playing Tenkuuji Sora.
At first, Sora-chan seemed cool but when it comes to manga, her expressions brightened right up and I thought she looked so cute!
I really understand this feeling since I also love 2D over 3D.
I will do my best to bring Sora-chan's charm and her slight change of expressions to the anime.
Please look forward to the show!

【Kayano Ai as Shirayuki Maihime】

My heart is pounding so fast to see how the sexy scenes of the original manga are going to be animated.
I guess its all up to the "Kiseichuu". Haha.
I'll do my best to be good friends (?) with Runba too.

(C)Kitada Ryoma/Shueisha・Dokyu Hentai HxEros Production Committee