The key visual of the “most aggressive” work that is serialized in Shueisha's “Jump SQ.”, the TV anime project “Dokyu Hentai HxEros” has arrived. The characters of the “Earth Defense Squad Saitama Branch” appear in their uniform for the first time in the visual.

“Dokyu Hentai HxEros” depicts an unheard danger on Earth where the “Mysterious invader, Kiseichu” is stealing human life energy by sucking out their source of eros, “H energy”.
The male protagonist, high school student Enjo Retto, as part of the hero squad “HxEros”, begins to exterminate the Kisechu to protect Earth…

The key visual depicts each character in their body enhancement uniform “H×EROS” that increases the human's source of eros “H energy” and strengthens the body.
Do check it out to see how the battle with the “Kisei” will be depicted in this TV anime, which is a forbidden video adaptation.

TV Anime “Dokyu Hentai HxEros” will start broadcast from 2020.

(C) Kitada Ryouma/ Shueisha・Dokyu Hentai HxEros Production Committee