Jun. 2 is Sawashiro Miyuki's birthday.

Sawashiro Miyuki made her debut as Puchi Charat from “Di Gi Charat”. She won several awards so far, including the Best Supporting Actress Award in the 3rd Seiyu Award, the Best Actress Award in the 4th Seiyuu Award, the Best Abroad Fan Award in the 5th Seiyuu Award, and the Best Supporting Voice Actress Award in the 9th Seiyuu Award.
She played many characters in the TV anime and movies in 2019, including “Gegege no Kitarou” (6th Season) and “PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR”. She is also known as the narrator for the news reporter.

Here at Anime!Anime!, to commemorate Sawashiro Miyuki's birthday, we conducted the reader's survey asking “Who is your favorite character played by Sawashiro Miyuki?” as we conducted in the previous year. The survey was conducted from May 22 to May 29, and a total of 231 people answered the survey.
The female fans made up the majority with approximately 60%, while the male readers made up approximately 40%. For the age group, the young readers made up the majority: the readers under 19 years old or younger made up approximately 45% and 20's made up approximately 30%.

■Shinon from “SAO” ranked in the top for 2 consecutive years! The character with hidden strength was popular
The 1st place was Shinon from “SAO”. The support rating was approximately 12% and kept its rank following the previous year.

The fans are charmed by the character's personality, which holds strength inside while worrying. The comments related to it said, “Although Asada Shino, who has a sad past, and Shinon, who has a hidden toughness, should be the same person, but she (Sawashiro) acts as they were two different people”, and “I love how Shinon tries to fight although she both has dignity and frailness”. Some comments mentioned her large sniper by saying, “I love how she uses Hekate II”.

The 2nd place was Cure Scarlet from “Go! Princess Pretty Cure”. The support rating was approximately 8% and ranked higher, comparing the rank from the previous year, which was 10th place.

Cure Scarlet first appeared as the opponent of Pretty Cures as Twilight. Many comments mentioned her duality, by saying, “I both loved Twilight's voice with dignity and pride and Towa's soft and kind voice”, and “I, of course, love her fighting for taking back her kingdom, but I also thought that the setting of not having a common sense was cute”.
Another comment said, “Sawashiro plays Twilight as the opponent, earnest but air-headed Towa, and cool Scarlet all differently. I still remember the scene where Scarlet determines to shoot for the goal she once gave up, and I believe that only Sawashiro-san can play this role”.

The 3rd place was Karanomori Shion from”PSYCHO-PASS”. The support rating was approximately 7% and ranked higher compared to 12th place in the following year.

The comments to Karanomori, who makes an appearance from the 1st season, said, “I love how she is smart, sexy, light, and cares about her colleagues and boyfriend”, “Sawashiro plays the fragile part hidden inside her as a mature adult, and the voice matches perfectly with Karanomori-san”.
Another comment also mentioned remarkable appearance in the latest series “PSYCHO-PASS 3 FIRST INSPECTOR” by saying, “the pillbug battle in the latest series was cool”.

■Introducing other comments!
Mine Fujiko from “Lupin the Third”: “She has similar sexiness comparing to the previous Fujiko-chan, and I love Sawashiro-san's Fujiko-chan who charms all men in the world.”

Nanami Haruka from “Uta no Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE Series”: “She is earnest and always does her best. She has the strongest feeling toward music than anybody else, and I once believed that I wanted to become Nanami Haruka”.

Kanbaru Suruga from “Monogatari Series”: “Her voices match to her as a reliable lower classman”, and “Her acting skill which makes you feel dirty jokes not dirty is awesome”.
Lovela from “Jewel Pet”: “I have no idea how she can act with such a cute voice…I still remember how I get surprised at her high-pitched voice which is unimaginable from her normal voice.”

The top character stayed the same, but the ranking below the 2nd place changed drastically. The males'characters including Kurapika from “HUNTER×HUNTER” (2nd Season)and Kitarou from “Gegege no Kitarou” (6th Season) ranked high as well.

■Ranking Top 20
[Who is your favorite character played by Sawashiro Miyuki? 2020 Ver.]
1st: Shinon/Asada Shino from “Sword Art Online”
2nd: Akagi Towa/Cure Scarlet “Go! Princess Pretty Cure”
3rd: Karanomori Shion from “PSYCHO-PASS”
4th: Kanbaru Suruga from “Monogatari Series”
4th: Kurapika from “HUNTER×HUNTER” (2nd Season)
4th: Mine Fujiko from “Lupin the Third”
7th: Nanami Haruka from “Uta no Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE Series”
8th: Celty Sturluson from “Durarara!!”
9th: Iwasama Masami from “Angel Beats!”
10th: Bishamon from “Noragami”
11th: Koyanagi Hanako from “Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku”
12th: Kitarou from “Gegege no Kitarou” (6th Season)
12th: Kusakabe Hakaze from “Blast of Tempest”
14th: Fukawa Fuyuko from “Danganronpa: The Animation”
14th: Petit Charat from “Di Gi Charat”
14th: Momobami Kirari from “Kakegurui”
17th: Awajima Seri from “K”
17th: Seo Yuzuki from “Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun”
17th: Nightingale from “Fate/Grand Order-Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia- Episode 0 Initium Iter”
17th: Perrine H. Clostermann from “Strike Witches”
17th: Mira Maxwell from “Tales of Berseria”
17th: Mordred from “Fate/Apocrypha”
17th: Lag Seeing from “Tegamibachi”
17th: Lovela from “Jewel Pet”

(Survey Conducted: May 22, 2020 to May 29, 2020)