Animate Ltd. has announced that “Animate Shinjuku” has been decided to move into Shinjuku HALC. It will be renewed as “Animate Shinjuku HALC” in May 2020.

The Shinjuku store has been open since Jul. 2, 2011, nearby the Shinjuku station, and has always tried to be a place for everyone to enjoy shopping.
The renewal was aimed to make “Animate” a more familiar place in everyday life, by moving it inside of the “BIC CAMERA Shinjuku Nishiguchi”, located at the 5th floor of Shinjuku Nishiguchi HALC, even closer to the station than the preview location.

At the new location, the store is directly connected to the station and can be visited without getting wet on a rainy day. Also, all the character goods, CDs, video products, comics, and games are located on a single floor, making it easier for the customers to find the products.

“Animate Shinjuku” will close operations at the current location by May 17, 2020, and will temporarily start from May 20 at the “Animate Shinjuku HALC”. The preorder of products, store pick-ups, and sales of new products will be available during the temporary open.

(C)Kazuhiko Shimamoto・MOVIC Illustration: Shimamoto Kazuhiko