Shogakukan announced that “Weekly Shounen Sunday” would issue two special combined volumes by summer. This decision was made due to protect authors from novel coronavirus.

Comments from Ichihara Takenori, Editor-in-Chief of “Weekly Shounen Sunday”, arrived on the release of this temporary merger issue.

“Weekly Shounen Sunday” 27/28 temporary combined issue will be released on Jun. 3, and 31/32 temporary combined issue will be released on Jul. 1. Moreover, the Hagiwara edition of “Detective Conan Police School Edition” will start from the 27/28 special combined issue.

Message from Ichihara Takenori, “Weekly Shounen Sunday” Editor-in-chief, to the readers:

“Thank you for always reading 'Shounen Sunday'.

This time “Weekly Shounen Sunday” will issue two temporary combined issues by the summer to deal with the prolonged problems of the novel coronavirus.

It is a tough decision to easу the work situation of the weekly serial writer's harsh work. We sincerely apologize to all the readers who look forward to it every week, but we would appreciate your kind understanding.

Difficult days will continue, but we pray for everyone's health, and we strongly hope that “a peaceful everyday life” will return as soon as possible. We look forward to your continued support of 'Weekly Shounen Sunday'.”

-“Weekly Shounen Sunday” Editor-in-chief Ichihara Takenori

<Schedule of Weekly Shounen Sunday issues until July>
27/28 Temporary combined issue (released on Jun. 3)
No. 29 (released on Jun. 17)
No. 30 (Released on Jun. 24)
31 / 32 Temporary merger issue (released on Jul. 1)
No. 33 (released on Jul. 15)
No. 34 (released on Jul. 22)
No. 35 (released on Jul. 29)