The ranking information website, “goo Ranking” based on a survey using their independent voting service, has announced the results of “The best title in the history of Shonen Sunday.”
The results ended with “Detective Conan” showing off its ranking at no.1, followed by “Ushio and Tora” in second place and “Zatch Bell!” in third place.

“Detective Conan” is a mystery genre manga with over 100 volumes being serialized over a long time.
The story depicts a high school student, Kudo Shinichi, being forcefully poisoned by a member of an unknown criminal organization. Due to this, Kudo Shinichi turns into a primary school student detective “Edogawa Conan”, and along with detectives Mouri Kogoro, Hattori Heiji, and Detective Boys, solves difficult cases.

Not only the sharp-eyed Conan was the reason for his success in the ranking. The stupidity of Mouri Kogoro and combination with Conan, and the relationship with his girlfriend Mouri Ran are points that made this title interesting, gathering the most votes in the ranking.

“Ushio and Tora” is a yokai battle action manga that sold over 30 million volumes of comic books (including Bunkobon, a smaller sized format) printed.
The story begins with the main protagonist, Aotsuki Ushio, releasing yokai (Japanese term for monster)Tora from the closet at his home. Ushio, by getting a superpower from the “Beast Spear” that was sealing Tora, starts to fight against yokai that appear one by one along with Tora.

Although Ushio and Tora started as enemies, through the journey gained bonds between them, and the enthusiastic development of the story near the end left this title second in the ranking.

“Zatch Bell!” in the third place, is a fantasy manga that was serialized from 2001 to 2007.
The main protagonist of this story is Takamine Kiyo, a junior high school student and also a genius. While Takamine was spending most of the time skipping the school, he encounters a mysterious boy, Zatch Bell, brings him into a huge battle that will decide the king of the Mamodo world.

It is a title that has funny moments with humor spread all over the place, and illustrates the characters' lives very charmingly, making it a classic shonen manga.
Also, the development and changes occurring on the rivals who fight against the two protagonists for the king's throne is another factor that cannot be disregarded, ranking this title in the third place.

Below titles are top 10 in the ranking; “Silver Spoon” in 4th, “Mobile Police Patlabor” in 5th, “MAJOR” in 6th, “Urusei Yatsura” in 7th, “Musashi no Ken” in 8th, “Karakuri Circus in 9th and final “Touch” in the 10th place.
On the “goo Ranking” special webpage, it shows the number of votes and ranking of other titles up to 61 in the ranking.

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