To commemorate the the release of the TV anime series based on the WEB manga “Big Bro Uramichi”, 5th comic volume special PV has been revealed. The PV features the main voicing cast, which includes Kamiya Hiroshi, Sugita Tomokazu, Nakamura Yuuichi, Miyano Mamoru, Mizuki Nana. Kimura Ryouhei, Suzumura Kenichi, Ono Daisuke have also been announced as additional cast.

“Big Bro Uramichi” is a WEB manga serialized in “comic POOL”, which cumulative total sales have exceeded 1 million comics (including digital version). The protagonist is a gymnast performer of the educational TV show “Maman and Together”, a 31-year-old man called Omota Uramichi. The story depicts the so ever cheerful “Big Bro Uramichi”, who also carries an emotionally unstable side, and the dark side of life for young adults transitioning into adulthood.

In the TV anime series, Kamiya Hiroshi plays Omota Uramichi, Sugita Tomokazu plays Usahara Tobikichi, Nakamura Yuuichi plays Kumagai Mitsuo, Miyano Mamoru as Daga Iketeru, and Mizuki Nana, who plays Tadano Utan, already have been confirmed, but this time, 3 additional casts will also be announced.
Kimura Ryouhei plays the role of Hanbei Kakube who belongs to the MHK Sales Planning Department, Suzumura Kenichi plays the role of the martial officer in the Digital Planning Department, and Ono Daisuke plays the role of Matahiko Nekota, the manager of the bar “CAT KICK”.
Furthermore, it was revealed that Miyano Mamoru and Mizuki Nana will sing songs that are familiar from the original work.

The fifth volume of the manga “Big Bro Uramichi” will be released on May 29, 2020. The price is 815 JPY (excluding tax).
In addition, the special edition comes with a drama CD in which the five main cast members play the scenario written by the original author. Price is 1,500 JPY (excluding tax).

(C)Kuze Gaku/ Ichijinsha