The broadcast of “STAY HOME Murder Mystery”, a Zoom Drama planned and scripted by the creator of “The Kindaichi Case Files”, Amagi Seimaru has been decided. The voice actors playing Hajime and Miyuki's roles are Matsuno Taiki and Nakagawa Akiko respectively.

“The Kindaichi Case Files” is a mystery manga serialized in Weekly Shounen Magazine. The Zoom drama “STAY HOME Murder Mystery” will be broken down into two parts, with the first half depicting the summary of the case, evidence left by the suspect, etc. and in the second half, Hajime solving the case and bringing its mystery to light. The voice actors reprising the roles of Hajime and Miyuki are none other than Matsuno Taiki and Nakagawa Akiko. We have also received a message from the creator, Amagi Seimaru.

Viewers will be able to participate in uncovering the suspect as well. 10 names will be drawn by means of a lottery and the chosen viewers will be able to participate in the afterparty at Zoom.

The first half of “The Kindaichi Case Files”'s Zoom drama “STAY HOME Murder Mystery” is scheduled to broadcast on May 31, 2020 and the second half will be on Jun. 6, 2020.

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Creator・Amagi Seimaru's message
In order to prevent the widespread transmission of COVID-19, as all of you might know, production and announcements of new works such as television programs, stage performances, and events, have all been canceled. Stage productions, movie creators as well as their staff have never been more troubled. Due to people being unable to meet or gather, this industry has taken great hits to it.

I think that TV viewers, drama fans are currently re-watching reruns or rental dramas and are stressing out due to the dilemma of being unable to watch anything new.

We are currently working on “The Kindaichi Case Files” manga (currently being serialized in Kodansha's evening magazine as “37 Year Old Kindaichi Case Files”). However, after witnessing the danger to the entertainment industry, I wondered if there was anything we could do to contribute and began researching during this time of quarantine.

The result of that is this news release of the “Stay Home Murder Mystery” mystery drama from “The Kindaichi Case Files” utilizing Zoom as a medium (Estimated to be about 60 minutes long in total).

Regarding the drama
The new story's scenarios are penned by the author of “The Kindaichi Case Files”, Amagi Seimaru. The actors that will be featured on the broadcast will not gather in the studio to record, but will deliver a live performance over Zoom at their home with the script provided.

Additionally, the main character of the manga, Kindaichi Hajime and Nanase Miyuki will have their faces edited by an animation app and will make an appearance within the Zoom screen as well.

The voice acting performance will be done by the two very same voice actors who acted as juvenile Kindaichi and Miyuki in “The Kindaichi Case Files” anime.

The story will begin with the case of a mysterious murder of an elderly woman in a stately mansion. Suspects will appear one-by-one on the Zoom screen to appeal their innocence. In the midst of them lies the culprit, and it is up to the genius of juvenile Kindaichi to solve the case.

Regarding the production
The production's main staff consists of Amagi Seimaru, and a few of his friends, and the work was produced by computers and smartphones. The production fees did not amount to too much. There were a lot of first time challenges but I am confident that the end product is very interesting.

In these circumstances, performers who are unable to perform onstage, voice actors, everyone in stage production crews and even myself – are sharing information and trying our best to be positive. As a shout of encouragement for everyone, I've worked hard on this zoom mystery drama.

From here onward, I want to keep on planning and producing with “I am able to do this precisely because of the situation” and “friends I am able to connect to because of this” in mind. I want to open a path for a brand new entertainment industry in a post COVID-19 society.