Anime series of spring 2020 had finished the broadcast of their first episodes.

The broadcast of new episodes for multiple anime has been postponed due to the spread of novel Coronavirus, but there are also fans who has been already fascinated by anime although they has been broadcast for only few episodes?

Among them, which is your “current” favorite anime, which makes you think that you “want to continue to watch it” or “cannot wait to resume although it has been postponed!”?

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted a reader's survey titled “which anime do you “currently” love the most?”. The survey has been conducted from Apr. 26 to May. 3, and received answers from 638 readers.
The male readers made up the majority with about 75%, while the female readers made up approximately 25% of the overall vote. For age group, the young readers made up the majority; 19-year old or under made up approximately 35%, and the readers in 20's made up approximately 35%.

■Top goes to “Dropkick on My Devil” 2nd Season. Supported for being chaotic
The 1st place was “Dropkick on My Devil'”. The support rating was approximately 50%.

“Dropkick on My Devil” is a comedy manga that is currently serialized on the website called “COMIC Meteor”. Its 1st season began in 2018. It had achieved 2000 sales of DVD and Blu-ray of the anime, and the production of the 2nd season was decided.
There were many comments from the fans who were fascinated by its chaotic flow of the story, “The Devil is scum, Yurine is ruthless, and other devils and angels also have unique characteristics, and I believe you can enjoy the anime by watching any episode!”, and “It is not just cute! You can feel this atmosphere, where being chaotic and being at the mercy of the impact of jokes!

The unique way of promotion was also a hot topic, where they created a new episode as the return of Furusato Nouzei (a program where the towns collect donations from other cities. In return, that town should give its specialty product) or updating their Twitter account frequently. The comments from the fans implied that both the production side and consumer side create the anime together, and some comments related to it said, “I have never seen an official Twitter account which is so friendly to the fans”, and “I feel how much staff and voice actors love this anime”.

The 2nd place was “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”. The support rating was approximately 10%.

This anime is originally a school comedy currently serialized in “Weekly Young Jump”. The comments to the 2nd season, which is a sequel to the 1st season in 2019, often mentioned the appeal of interaction between the characters, and some said, “The anime is majority made up of conversations between characters in a good pace, and the battles in the mind about love are very interesting. I also look forward to the 2nd season, which will focus more on to the characters!” and “When I watch the interaction of the student council members, I am often moved, excited, and enjoyed. I look forward to see the change in the relationship between the president and Kaguya-sama”.

The 3rd place was “Kakushigoto: My Dad's Secret Ambition”. This is originally a heartfelt comedy currently serialized in “Monthly Shonen Magazine”.

Regarding on the story, which is about a father who is hiding his real occupation (manga author) to his daughter, the comments said, “I can see the behind-the-scenes for manga authors which is usually hidden” and “the relationship between the father and his daughter, and I love how the ordinary slice of life are depicted funnily and interestingly”.
There were also comments on the future development of the story, and one comment said, “In a mysterious view of the world, which goes and comes back between 2 eras, I look forward to how the story uses the clues hidden in the previous stories”.

For female-only votes, “Dropkick on My Devil” also ranked on the top. “Idolishi SEVEN Second BEAT!” and “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!” received the same number of votes. The male-only ranking was the same asthe overall ranking.

■Introducing comments received for anime other than the top 3!
To “Idolish SEVEN Second BEAT!”, “I waited for this 2nd season for a long time! The new song was fantastic! I am sad to hear that its broadcast has been postponed, but I will watch Selection (re-broadcast) and increase my love for Ai Nana”.

To “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!”, “I feel refreshed to see reckless optimism of the protagonist Catalina-sama!”, and “The hero boys are all handsome, and the girls are all cute and awesome.”

To “Fugo Keiji Balance: UNLIMITED”, “I think that the combination of a detective who tries to solve everything with money and another one, who has a strong sense of justice, is very interesting.”

To “Mewkledreamy”, “I first thought this is a slowly-paced anime for children where the Sanrio characters appear…but has a wonderful tempo even adults can laugh for, and energetic protagonist Hinata Yume-chan, who changes her emotion like a kaleidoscope, makes me addicted to it!”

■Ranking Top 20
“which anime of Spring 2020 do you “currently” love the most?”
1st: “Dropkick on My Devil'”
2nd: “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”
3rd: “Kakushigoto: My Dad's Secret Ambition”
4th: “My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!”
5th: “Idolish Seven Second BEAT!”
6th: “Princess Connect! Re:Dive”
6th: “Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketu Zorori”
8th: “Waves, Listen to Me!”
9th: “Bungo to Alchemist”
10th: “Fruits Basket 2nd season”
10th: “Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater”
12th: “Kiratto Pri Chan” (season 3)
13th: “Woodpecker Detective's Office”
13th: “BNA”
13th: “Sing “Yesterday” for Me”
16th: “Tamayomi”
16th: “MAJOR Second” (2nd Season)
18th: “ULTRAMAN (terrestrial broadcast)”
18th: “Sakura Wars”
18th:” “Fugo Detective Balance:UNLIMITED”
18th: “Ascendance of a Bookworm (2nd section)”
18th: “Mewkledreamy”

(Survey Conducted: Apr. 26, 2020 to May. 3)