Kyoto Animation's Original short anime "Baja no Studio" will be broadcasted in NHK General TV.
This work, in a fantasy way, depicts people who are working on anime producing earnestly in a certain anime studio and the life of "Baja" who stayed there. After the first TV broadcast ended in NHK General TV, it will also be broadcasted all over the world via NHK World Japan.

The stage is "KOHATA anime studio" where ambitious animations are created.
The hamster like creature "Baja", who has been raised by the staff, is enjoying his everyday happily while staring outside the window. On a certain night, when all the staff had left, Baja saw a cat was attacking his friend duck. Will Bajya be able to help the friend…. the mysterious night journey had begun.

For this anime, the director is Miyoshi Ichirou, Bajya was voiced by Yoshida Maika, Ga-chan and Gi were voiced by Tamura Mutsumi, Koko was voiced by Tadokoro Azusa and Kanako was voiced by Kanemoto Hisako.

"Baja no Studio" will be broadcasted on NHK General TV on Nov. 4 8:15 am until 8:37 am, NHK World Premium on Dec. 25 8:30 pm until 8:52 pm and NHK World Japan on Dec. 30 0:30 am util 0:52 am and within other time frame.