A reproduction of the collaboration accessory between the “Ultraman” series and the accessory brand “JAM HOMEMADE” has been decided. There are six types of products in the line-up: “King Joe Model”, “Alien Baltan Model”, and “Red King Model”.

The “King Joe Model” consists of two accessories. The pendant necklace (16,500 JPY/Tax Incl.) is based on the separation ability of King Joe, and includes a legitimate gimmick of the charm parts combining when the chains are pulled. The stone bracelet (8,800 JPY/Tax Incl.) is made to express an atmosphere that it is floating on the body.

The “Alien Baltan Model” consists of a ring (9,900 JPY/Tax Incl.) and bangle bracelet (17,600 JPY/Tax Incl.), which reproduced a detailed gimmick and setting of the hand of Alien Baltan. Both items are made to be worn casually and creates a nonchalant atmosphere that is different from normal accessories that people wear.

The “Red King Model” also consists of two items, one being a pendant (12,100 JPY/Tax Incl.) that boldly used the face of the skeleton kaiju (monster) as the charm. Furthermore, the stone bracelet (7,150 JPY/Tax Incl.), by combining the piece dyeing of onyx (black), eagle eye (grey), and coral (red), the coral piece dyeing motifs and expresses Pigmon, where the eagle eye expresses a rock thrown by Red King at Pigmon.

All items are available for pre-order at “Premium Bandai” until 23:00 on Jun. 30, 2020. Delivery is scheduled for August.

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