From the “Ultraman” series comes silver rings inspired by each character. There are 6 models in total: “Ultraman Tiga”, “Ultraman Dyna, “Ultraman Gaia”, “Ultraman Agul”, “Ultraman Victory”, and “Ultraman Zero”. The rings are currently available for pre-order at “Premium Bandai”.

The products are silver 925 rings inspired by the characters from the “Ultraman” series.

The unique lines on each Ultraman's chest are gorgeously recreated on the rings. A transparent light blue colored blue topaz is used to represent the color timer.

“Ultraman Series Color Timer Design Silver 925 Ring” is each priced at 13,200 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently available at “Premium Bandai”, and shipping is scheduled for Aug. 2020.
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