Teaser and visual of the latest film adaption of the anime “Sailor Moon”, “Sailor Moon Eternal” <part 1> (Premiering on Sep. 11, 2020) has been released.
Also, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu was announced to take the role of an important character, Helios, and we have received some comments from him.

In “Sailor Moon Eternal”, on the day of the longest total solar eclipse of the century, Pegasus (Helios) appears before Tsukino Usagi and Chibiusa asking for help. The film depicts the puppy love between Chibiusa and Helios, and the growth of the Sailor Soldiers.

The teaser visual has Super Sailor Moon in the moonlight with a mystical background of space.
Her eyes show the determination of her confronting her destiny as a soldier led by moonlight.

And the teaser begins with the opening scene from the anime series of the 90s. With the famous chimes of the “Moonlight Legend”, which remind you of those days, the teaser goes right into the world of “Sailor Moon Eternal”.

The beginning of the film is an important scene where Usagi and Chibiusa meet Pegasus (Hellios). It will make you excited about the world of “Sailor Moon” full of new charm.

Also, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, known for his roles, such as Kirito from “Sword Art Online” and Hashibira Inosuke from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, has been chosen for the role of Pegusu (Helios), who is in the teaser. Helios is the film's key character, who has both “A delicate side like fragile glasswork that could easily break,” and “Unwavering faith.” Matsuoka shows his motivation towards the role in his comment, “I did my best without compromising, as always.”
Let's look forward to his performing the puppy love between Helios and Chibiusa with his “Delicate, faint voice”, making the story even more dramatic.

“Sailor Moon Eternal” <part 1> will premier nationwide on Sep. 11, 2020.
“#Moonlight is a timeless message of love SNS Campaign” is a campaign that will be giving away teaser posters to 5 lucky participants to celebrate the teaser release.

<Full comments are as below>
【Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Helios】
I've known Sailor Moon since I was a child. When I heard that I will be a part of the film, it surprised me, and also gave me a mix of thrill, flashbacks, and many other things I can't put into words. In a nutshell, I was flattered!
My role, Helios, seems very delicate, just like fragile glasswork, but also has unwavering faith. Upon the recording, I deeply read into Helios's life and the “Sailor Moon” universe, and the Matsuoka in my head said, “Yoshitsugu, you can do this. Let's go with the 'natural approach',” as always, so I did my best without pushing myself.
I did my best without compromising, as always. I hope you all will enjoy the story.

(C)Takeuchi Naoko・PNP / “Sailor Moon Eternal” Production Committee