To commemorate the release of the latest movie of the anime “Sailor Moon”, ” Sailor Moon Eternal” (Chapter 1), which will be released on Sep. 11, 2020, the free broadcast of the 3 TV anime series has been decided.
The broadcast will be starting on Apr. 24th on the YouTube “sailormoon-official” channel.

The three TV anime series of the 90's that have been decided to be broadcast for free are “Sailor Moon”, which started broadcasting in 1992, “Sailor Moon R”, which started broadcasting in 1993, and “Sailor Moon S”, which started broadcasting in 1994, and it is 127 episodes in total.
The movie “Sailor Moon Eternal” (Chapter 1) will depicts the episode up to the “Dead Moon arc”.

The broadcast on the YouTube “sailormoon-official” channel is scheduled for 10 episodes each week for a total of 13 weeks from Apr. 24 to Jul. 23, and the last week's will conclude with 7 episodes.
We would like to take this opportunity to let the new fans, who had never seen it before, and also for fans, who were watching it when they were young, to feel the world of “forever adored” “Sailor Moon” again.

※It will be available only in Japan

(C) Takeuchi Naoko, PNP/Movie version “Sailor Moon Eternal” Production Committee