From the Netflix anime movie, “A Whisker Away” (worldwide exclusive streaming starting from Jun. 18, 2020), a special video that depicts the heroine Muge's incredibly lovely cat figure and the “Cat Island”, where only the cats can live, has been released.
Moreover, scene images of the “Cats Residents”, who are played by gorgeous casts including Kitamura Eri, Miki Shinichirou, Sakuma Rei, Yoshita Oolongta, Ochitai Fukushi, have been released as well.

The special video released this time starts with a sweet whisper from a suspicious cat shopkeeper who gave a mask to Muge, saying, “It's good to be a cat, and most of the time I'm happy.”
With the power of the mask, she enjoys the cat life to the fullest, by jumping from the roof to Hinode's chest, asking Hinode to cook her food, and looking at vulnerable sleeping face just by his side.
There is no doubt that Hinode finds it cute, and “Tarou”'s lovely expressions and gestures are outstanding.

Muge, who gradually gets comfortable with the joy of being close to her beloved Hinode and the way of life of a free-spirited cat who does not worry about the relationship with others, stepping into the secret world of cats that humans cannot see, called the “Cat Island”.
They are wearing clothes and walking on two legs because they used to be humans, but now they are “cat residents” who chose to live like cats.

Muge talks with them at an izakaya-style shop, runs through the city with a serious look, and some action scenes show her being thrown off by a device like a stoning machine that makes feel that great adventure unfolded at “Cat Island”.
In the end, the cat's shop owner is approaching Muge, opening eyes with sharp claws out, and that makes you worried about Muge's destiny.

Moreover, the voices of the cats appearing in this video are played bythe gorgeous voice actors such as Kitamura Eri, Miki Shinichirou, Sakuma Rei, Yoshida Oolongta, and Ochiai Fukushi.
Kitamura plays the female cat called “Kinako”, who is the house cat of Muge's father's fiance, Mizutani Kaoru. Although Kinako is only friendly to Kaoru, but she keeps eye on Muge's behaviors. Kitamura plays the mysterious cat with hidden strategies with outstanding acting ability.

In addition, among cat dwellers in “Cat Island”, Miki played “Kakinuma”, Sakuma played “Tamaki”, Yoshida played “Sugita”, and Ochiai played “Hajime”.
You should also pay attention to the cute cats' residents who reach out to the lost Muge.

The Netflix anime movie “A Whiskered Away” will be exclusively streamed worldwide from Jun. 18, 2020.

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