“Kamen Rider” inspired “PIICA”, which glows by layering it on top on an IC card, has been released. With all 20 Heisei series and “Kamen Rider Zero One”, the lineup has 21 designs in total.

“Kamen Rider Series PIICA + Clear Pass Case (21 designs at random)” makes the indispensable IC card more gorgeous and enjoyable. By using it at ticket gates, convenience stores, vending machines, offices, or any other place where you can catch radio waves, the Rider mark and Kamer Rider on the PIICA will glow.
Ther Rider mark is not visible until it catches radio waves making this item enjoyable both at its normal state and its glowing state.

The product also includes a dress-up card with a double-sided print. One side has the character and the other has a simple Rider mark designed, which you can choose depending on your mood.

“Kamen Rider Series PIICA + Clear Pass Case (21 designs at random)” are each priced at 1,650 JPY (tax included, shipping and handling fee excluded). Pre-orders are available at “Bandai Fashion Collection” and “Premium Bandai”, and shipping is scheduled for Jul.

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