“Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger VS Lupinranger VS Patranger the Movie/Mashin Sentai Kiramager Episode Zero 【Super Sentai Movie Party】” premiered on Feb. 8, and a stage greeting was held at Shinjuku Balt 9, Tokyo.
From “Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger VS Lupinranger VS Patranger the Movie” appeared Itou Asahi, Hama Shougo, Yuuki Kousei, Yokoyama Ryou, Okuyama Kazusa, and from “Mashin Sentai Kiramager” appeared, Koyama Rio, Kihara Rui, Shinjou Yume, Mizuishi Atomu, Kudou Mio, and director Yamaguchi Kyouhei.

Kiramager being the first “Super Sentai” that made their first appearance in a film, the members' greetings, such as Komiya's “It's my first time acting in a movie and I'm very nervous.”, gave out a fresh vibe.
When asked what the audience should look for in the movie, he pointed out that he is wearing a school uniform instead of the team uniform and said, “This will be one of the highlights.”, raising the expectations of the crowd. He also said to “Check out each members' occupation and their glam.”.
“Don't worry. I was also 17 when I started.” was from Itou, the “Senpai” as Red ranger, backing him up.
Komiya pointed out that this is the first collaboration between “Super Sentai” and “PreCure” and said, “I never thought I would get the chance to speak to PreCure. It's so 'Kira Yaba!'.” expressing her joy.

Kihara, on the other hand, gave a passionate speech of how great “Lupinranger vs Patrager” is. He expressed his love in excitement saying, “Every scene has so much emotion in them, I was in tears.”. He added, “There are many lines that stick in everyone's minds such as the self-introduction from Lupin Blue who I respect. Episode ZERO is full of such lines, so it may be interesting to look for them.”

Shinjou proudly announced that “I got the Henshin scene right on my first try!”. The members of “Lupinranger vs Patranger” were all astonished by her.
Yokoyama being the same “Green” ranger said, “Green always does a good job.”, but his costars reacted, “How many times did YOU retake the Henshin scene?!”.

“I'm the oldest of the members but…” Mizuishi was so nervous that he couldn't finish his words. Hama, as the same “Blue” ranger, gave out a helping hand by saying, “Blue rangers are like that, haha”.
Mizuishi takes the role of “a good-looking actor” in the movie and will be performing in historical dramas. He said with a smile, “I've been learning how to use a Katana for a long time. I'm glad that I got a chance to perform it.”. He revealed that he will be taking on various roles during the series.

Kudou said “The ranger uniforms are shiny and even our casual clothing are gorgeous. I hope everyone checks out our outfits too.”.
She is a “super doctor” in the movie and was proud of herself for performing an amazing operation. “Since I'm quite clumsy, I was worried if I could pull it off, but thanks to the support of the medical guidance, I'm confident it has turned out well.”

Director Yamaguchi said “I believe the glam of the four (excluding Komiya-san) was well expressed” adding, “See how fresh Juuru is? haha”, hinting on Juuru played by Komiya taking on a major role.
Komiya riled up the fans by quoting from his own lines in the film. “I might make a miracle happen! Please look forward to it!”.

The members of “Lupinranger vs Patranger” were asked for advice for their “Kouhai”.
Okuyama started off with “You need guts!”. When he gave out an “order” to do an impression of Lupin Blue, which they did in the dressing room, both Kihara and Mizuishi answered with Lupin Blue's self-introduction.
As a response, the “true” Lupin Blue, Hama, for some reason brings along Yuuki and performs the self-introduction. The venue was filled with laughter and cheers.

Yuuki's advice to his “Kouhai” was “Butter up the producer…?”. Itou jumped in with an apology, “We're sorry for his inappropriate statement, haha”.
“Kosaka Daimaou-san is my Senpai from the same production. Please send my best regards to him.” was Hama giving them more of a message to pass along than a piece of advice, and when asked for advice for the female members, Okuyama showed off and said, “I wouldn't blame you for adoring me!”. The other members shrugged and said, “Today is a bad day…”
However, Yokoyama recovered the losses by giving some “Senpai” advice. “You are heroes, the kids always take priority! Try your best to become cool heroes!”
Komiya responded, “We appreciate your great advice. Thank you.” expressing their gratitude.

At the end of the stage greeting, Yuuki was reluctant to say farewell to the last film adaption. “This might be the last time that you will see us…” He followed, “We were lucky to be a part of the first collaboration of 4 groups of Super Sentai and be able to meet the latest Super Sentai.”, and showed his gratitude.
Itou called out to the fans by saying “Though this may be our last appearance, I hope you all get addicted to the Super Sentai series by watching the end of Ryusoulger and the debut of Kiramager. haha” and finished with his signature phrase, “Thanks for coming today! Arigachuu!”, leaving the fans in excitement.

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