On Mar. 27, the special program with film premieres for Agency of Cultural Affairs's commissioned project called “Young Animator Training Project”, also known as “Anime Tamago 2020”, was released on their website.

This is a substitution to the film premiere scheduled on Saturday, Mar. 14, and it is available for free until Thursday, Apr. 30 on their website, together with the special exhibition.

This streamed program explains the content of Anime Tamago 2020, full streaming of 3 completed original anime in this project called, “Ometeotl≠HERO”, “Rebecca”, and “Michiru Rescue!”, and the talk sessions of the directors and producers from each anime, with the navigation done by the voice actors Iwata Mitsuo and Hirano Fumi.

Director Kuritsu from SPEED INC., who produced “Ometetl≠HERO”, commented on the young animators' training and the ingenious expressions in a work by saying, “3DCG characters are like a doll without any soul. The young animators learned how to add a soul into that with the lectures by the motion actors”.

Producer Yasumoto from VEGA Entertainment CO., LTD. talked about the recording sessions of “Rebecca”: “I think the young animators had a lot to learn from seeing actual recording sessions of the voice actors actually playing their roles”, and Iwata and Hirano added, “We, the voice actors also want to see the production sites of anime”, and “I want to create an opportunity for the voice actors, animators, and producers to interact”, which depict their wish to the anime industry.

The producer Amano Koudai, who is from Yumeta Company which had produced “Michiru Rescue!”, commented on the difficult parts in the project by saying, “Although we originally should create the rough illustrations after experiencing lay-out works in order to understand a meaning of an expression in a scene, but these days, to save time, we often add a rough draft to a layout. Many young animators had difficulty in finishing each step with the old method”.

In the same website in addition to the release of the special program, there is also a gift campaign, which gives away the script book with the autographs by the main casts and staff, and the special exhibition of the screenshots and setting drafts from the 3 works by the young animators.