W@KU WORK CO., LTD., the new job-hunting support business specialized for anime industry, will hold “Anime Writer Training Program Special Lession #2” at Asakusabashi, Tokyo on May 29, 2021. The chief editor of Anime!Anime! Okita Shigeki will be invited as the special guest teacher, and will talk about improving your skills as a editor in Anime-related Web media.

“Anime Writer Training Program” is aimed at training young writers for sending out anime-related industry, and this program has been held since April 2020 with the actual workers being the teacher during the program.

In “Anime Writer Training Program Season 2”, held since April 2021, the audience can learn briefly about different jobs of writing related to anime industry and will invite guest teachers from different field to explain their specialty .

Each session is 90 minutes, and the first half is about the background of the guest teacher, including their carrier and background, and the task he currently has. The students can briefly understand how writing relates to the anime industry.
The latter half of the program is feedback return of the assignment, which the students were given in advance. It deepens the understanding on “what kind of writing is required in the industry”.

“Anime Writer Training Program Special Lession #2” will be held on May 29 at 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM at Cafe located on the 2nd floor of Puzzle Asakusabashi. The fee is 3,000 JPY per person, and students fee is 1,500 JPY. The online streaming is planned as well.
Further details are on the special website.