The overseas manga subscription “Mangamo” has been released on Apr. 15, 2020 (US time). The service has partnered with 11 publishers, including Kodansha, Coamix, Comic Smart, and Flex Comix. They have over 300 manga titles, such as “Attack on Titan”, “Fire Force”, “Somali and the Forest Spirit”, “Reset Game”, and “Dropkick on My Devil!”, available for 4.99 USD per month.

The past few decades, Japanese manga and anime have been highly rated in North America and Europe, gaining much support from many fans. However, it is said that piracy has been a large obstacle for the overseas digital manga market, and in the United States, the total amount of damage has reached 1.3 trillion JPY.

“Mangamo” is an overseas manga subscription service, which aims to overcome this situation by “Distributing Japanse manga to manga fans through legitimate channels,” “Returning the profits to the Japanese publishers,” and “Creating an ecosystem of the digital manga market.”
Buddy Marini, the former president of the Hollywood streaming service Hulu Japan, the producer of Netflix Japan, the former vice-president of the American anime streaming service Crunchyroll, and former NTT Docomo employees, are the founders of this service.

On the launch of the service, CEO Buddy Marini expressed his passion, “Mangamo will cause a stir in the situation where the Japanese mangas have been exploited by piracy. Mangas are an important part of Japan's entertainment. It is our mission to help eradicate piracy of Japanese manga, and offer a place to introduce new mangas to the world.”