Bushiroad has decided to suspend or postpone its events until the end of May 2020 in response to the request to refrain from going outside unless it's urgent or necessary due to the current novel coronavirus situation. The company recently made announcements regarding events taking place after April, but these dates will also be revised.

The following 5 events will be canceled or postponed.
– Apr. 11 ~ Apr. 12: SchoolFest Series Thanksgiving 2020
– Apr. 25: Revue Starlight Athletic Meet
– Apr. 26 ~ Apr. 27: D4DJ 4th LIVE
– Apr. 28 ~ Apr 29: ARGONAVIS 3rd LIVE “CROSSING”
– Apr. 30: Aiba Aina 1st Live “SiGN”

And the following 5 events will be canceled or postponed in May:
– May 1: Morfonica Debut Event “Prelude”
– May 2: BanG Dream! Special☆LIVE Girls Band Party! 2020 Goods Presale
– May 3: BanG Dream! Special☆LIVE Girls Band Party! 2020
– May 9 ~ 10: Big Vanguard Festival 2020 Bushiroad Festival 2020
– May 23 ~ 24: BFC2020 Nagoya

Bushiroad commented on the decision: “The decision came as a result of our desire to put the health of customers, cast and staff first, but we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for those who have been looking forward to the event. We thank you for your understanding.”

Regarding future prospects: “We are currently working to find a new date for each event, we will inform you through the official website, etc. as soon as the schedule is determined. If cancelation proves to be unavoidable, tickets will be refunded. Please be patient for the time being.”