It was announced on Apr. 16, 2020 that the voice actor Fujiwara Keiji had passed away due to cancer on Apr. 12. After receiving this obituary, a lot of sad voice could be heard from a large number of fans, “Crayon Shin-chan”, where Fujiwara-san participated as Nohara Hiroshi, the movie “Avengers” as the role of Tony Stark (Iron Man), and among the voice actors such as Kobayashi Yumiko who is the voice of Nohara Shinnosuke.

Fujiwara Keiji is a famous nationwide voice actor known for his role as Nohara Hiroshi from “Crayon Shin-chan”, Tony Stark from the movie “Avengers”, and “Iron Man”, and Reno from the game “Final Fantasy VII Remake”.
On Apr. 16, the voice actor agency that Fujiwara is affiliated with, AIR AGENCY had announced on their official website that “Fujiwara passed away after fighting with cancer for a long time on Apr. 4, 12, 2020 at the age of 55 years old.”

After receiving Fujiwara-san's obituary, the official website of “Crayon Shin-chan” had commented “Fujiwara Keiji-san, who voiced the role of Nohara Hiroshi for 24 years from the first broadcast in 1992 until Aug. 2016, had passed away. As the role of the always kind, trustworthy, and sometimes manly breadwinner of the Nohara's family, Hiroshi, we hope from the bottom of our hearts that Fujiwara Keiji-san may rest in peace.”

On the official Twitter of the movie “Avengers”, “Fujiwara Keiji, the voice of Iron Man/ Tony Stark in the Japanese dubbing, had passed away. Fujiwara-san had given birth to the hero that is loved by everyone in Japanese. We wish to give our deepest appreciation and condolence to you.”

While looking at the past, Kobayashi Yumiko-san commented “Fujiwara Keiji-san… this is a shock to me… why did the treasure of the voice actor industry… I had really enjoyed our first western movie dubbing together. Even during the drinking after that, I remember that you didn't make unpleasant expressions while answering my various noisy questions… I hope you may rest in peace.” Various voice actors such as Ogata Megumi-san, Yuuki Kaji-san, Taketatsu Ayana-san, Koyama Tsuyoshi-san, Tomita Miyu-san, and Ono Kensho-san, had recollected about Fujiwara-san.

Moreover, there were also various comments from the fans such as “He is our father…”, “Father had always taught us various important matters! Fujiwara Keiji-san, we are always your children!”, “Fujiwara Keiji-san is forever our Nohara Hiroshi”, “He is always the cool breadwinner of the Nohara's family”, “I like him despite he has smelly feet, cheap salary, and there are still 32 years left for his house loan”, “Nohara Hiroshi is the best father”, “Fujiwara-san, I love you 3000 times”, “WE LOVE YOU 3000”, and “I love you for 3000 times, thank you so much.”