It was announced that “Berserk”’s author Miura Kentarou passed away at 2:48 PM of May 6, 2021, due to acute dissection. He was 54 years old.

This comment was delivered by Hakusensha, the publisher that Miura-sensei kept releasing “Berserk” manga. He was releasing new episodes of “Berserk” at “Young Animal”, and started “Duranki” in “Young Animal ZERO”. The funeral was conducted by his family.

From the editorial staff from Young Animal
We received sad news of Miura Kentarou-sensei, and we are very sad to hear such news.

We are not sure how we can accept this reality. We cannot find right words. What comes up to our minds are the smiles on his face, that came from talking about his favorite manga, anime and movies to us. We have never seen his face becoming angry. He was like a kid who enjoys everything.

To all fans, staff-please the remember positive face of Miura-sensei and pray that his soul may rest in peace together with us.