As the large update for the school romance game “Girl Friend Beta”, the new story content was decided. In addition, the new characters played by Tanezaki Atsumi, Yasuno Kiyono, and others will make their appearances.

“Girl Friend Beta” is a school romance game which the player enjoy the encounters with female characters in school, while trying to overcome several challenges.

“Seiou Story” has been announced as the new story contents and the player can also enjoy watching the girls in Live2D and from sideways. “Formation!? The Support Club Arc” will be released first and is made of 3 chapters.

In this “Fromation!? The Support Club Arc”, the transfer student Shirauzu Rikka (played by Tanezaki Atsumi), the members of the Support Club including Sakaida Natsumi (played by Suwa Ayaka), Tsukiguma Rinko (played by Suzuki Minori), and Nagino Sakura (played by Yasuno Kiyono) will appear as the new characters.

“Girl Friend Beta” new story contents “Seiou Story” will be released on Apr. 25.

“Girl Friend Beta” “Seiou Story”
・”Formation!? The Support Club Arc” Summary
One day after school, when you (the player) walks by the class 2-D on your way home, you hear an unfamiliar voice.
The voice belong to the transfer student Shirauzu Rikka.
When you have a chat with Rikka, Sakaida Natsumi enters the conversation after hearing a particular word. It sounds like Natsumi is a member of a club called the Support Club, and you and Rikka get involved in the Support Club for a random reason.
The first activity you participates is the distribution of a leaflet. You meets Tsukiguma Rinko and Nagino Sakura through the distribution activity….

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