Kodansha has announced that the release of special magazine issues, including “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”, are postponed.

On the official website, Kodansha has explained saying, “Taking account of the spreading of the novel coronavirus and emergency declaration made by the government, all publishing activities such as editing, producing and distributing has been affected. For a while, it seems like it is hard to maintain the original publication schedule.”

Over 10 volumes of electric and special magazine issues , including “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” and “Monthly Young Magazine”, are postponed.
Also, some titles from applications such as Comic DAYS, Magazine Pocket, and Palsy are partially postponed as well.

Kodansha has asked for an understanding, saying, “We are extremely sorry for all readers who have been waiting for the manga titles from our company's special issues of magazine and applications. We are also sorry to all authors who are contributing to magazines that are sold and distributed by our company. We would be thankful if everyone could understand this.”

Below are the magazines that the publication and distribution are postponed:
・Morning Two (Apr.22, 2020 release vol.)
・Ane Friend (May. 1, 2020 distribution vol.)
・Young Magazine Third (May. 7, 2020 release vol.)
・good! Afternoon (May. 7, 2020 release vol.)
・Bessatsu Shonen Magazine (May. 9, 2020 release vol.)
・Monthly Young Magazine (May. 20, 2020 release vol.)
・Hatsu Kiss (May. 25, 2020 distribution vol.)
・comic tint (Jun. 5, 2020 distribution vol.)
・Honey-milk (Jun. 10, 2020 distribution vol.)
・Magazine R (Jun. 20, 2020 distribution vol.)