“Uta Macross Sma-Pho De-Culture” had announced the “Walküre's Song Macross Original Costume” project on Dec. 2019.

The “members themselves” had participated in the first costume project and assisted in creating the new costume. The comments from the members to the fans on the costume they created have arrived.

<Below are the full comments>

As I wanted to see a collaboration between two patterns, so I had make use of the check pattern and polka dot!
Right now, Mikumo tied her hair on top and is a lot more cold than usual, but garter rings accessory make her look so sexy…
Do enjoy the game with the costume designed by us. I will enjoy it as well!

【FreyjaΔSuzuki Minori】

As the new costumes are based on a swimsuit, I had designed it but aiming to be a bit plain yet sexy and with the thought of “I wanted her to wear a school swimsuit!” It had become quite fancy, isn't it…!? Since Freyja doesn't have an impression of doing her hair, so I had designed her hair according my own preference. Since her hair is short, doesn't it look amazingly cute if it was tied up!? Please be healed by the angel-like Freyja..!??

【KanameΔYasuno Kiyono】

The idea that I came out with for Kaname's latest costume was, “The beauty and elegant like a goddess”! The highlights are the palm and arm with the goddess motif and the visible string that can be seen from the bikini. The skirt that is wrapped on her waist expressed her sisterly feel. I got so excited after looking at the final product of the aggressive chain on her chest.

【ReinaΔTouyama Nao】

Since Reina had never revealed her forehead before, I had to try my best to had her bang tied up♪
Her favorite jellyfish is there as well (Haha) My personal highlights are the hook-like accessory on the waist of the bikini! Doesn't it look so sexy?

【MakinaΔNishida Nozomi】

I am satisfied as it turns out exactly like the cute design!!!
The position is a bit different, but the rabbit had been recreated on the waist as well! Haha
Thank you so much for cutely expressing the lenient Makina.

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