Impress R&D Co., Ltd. will publish the book “Crazy Change! Animation Environment 2018 History+1” by Makkari Yushi, which focuses on “Indie Anime” instead of anime films and TV series.

“Crazy change! Animation environment 2018 history +1” is a book that reveals how the Indie Anime has been changing along with changes in the environment due to the development of IT technology and the Internet through interviews.

In the animation industry, where the films and TV series tends to be the main topic, through various chapters “Three years of three various titles 'Voices of a Distant Star', 'Ski Jumping Pairs', Touzan'”, “Looking back from the 1990s at 3DCG state by Sasahara Kazuya”, “Era of ROMANoV HiGA, when even trying hard 'Independent Anime' can't beat cat's video”, “Chronology of TV series directed by people with Indie production experience”, “How feelings changed before and after Yamamura Kouji nomination”, this book shows what happens on the “outside” of industry, so finishing this book may give you some shiver.

“Crazy change! Animation environment 2018 history +1” is priced at 1,400 JPY (excluding tax) for the e-book version, 1,800 JPY (excluding tax) for the printed book version and release is scheduled for Jul. 31, 2020.