“Onward” (in theaters from Mar. 13), the latest work from Disney & Pixar, had a world premiere on Feb. 19 in Japan time with Tom Holland (as the main character Ian), Chris Pratt (as the cheerful brother, Barley), and director Dan Scanlon.
The crowd burst into cheers when Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, who are both a member of the “Avengers” and will be acting as brothers for the first time, had a miraculous reunion.

The world premiere was held at El Capitan Theatre, just as the “Academy Awards”, and the media coming from all over the world showed the high expectations towards Pixar's latest film.
The venue had decorations to recreate the world with “magic dying out” and “Guinevere”, the car with a pegasus that Ian and Barley travel in with their father, made an appearance. Surrounding the huge blue carpet, which was the image of the world of the film, were female fans mainly in their teens and 20s.

As Tom Holland as Ian and Chris Pratt as Barley appeared on the blue carpet, the crowd burst into cheers and applause bringing the heat up of the venue.
The two, who co-starred in “Avengers”, reunited with a smile just as if they were really “brothers”, and talked about the brotherly bond even stronger than “Avengers”.

Chris said he did the recordings along with his friend Tom. “I heard that usually, recordings aren't done together, but they put us together in the recording to see if something would happen. I wanted to see if the brotherly chemistry would pop up from us being together. I truly believe we made magic happen and you will be able to see our bond. It was such a great experience.” said Chris, explaining that they were able to show a deeper bond thanks to being good friends.

On the other hand, Tom said his dream came true from performing in this film. “Chris and I were talking about every actor having their own goals. One of my goals was playing a superhero (Avengers) and another was appearing in a Pixar film with Chris. Being here today is truly amazing and fortunate.” said Tom with a smile.

The two were very kind to the fans and every time they took photos with them and signed autographs the crowd would cheer.
The world premiere was a big success.

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