On Mar. 12, 2020, the app “SHOW BY ROCK!! Fes A Live”, the smartphone game which has Sanrio's character project, was released. On Twitter, “SB69”, the abbreviation for “SHOW BY ROCK!!” ranked in the trend of Twitter, and now is a hot topic.
On the day before the release, the voice actor Taniyama Kishou tweeted”I changed my hair to this color for the first time in my life! It's like…the singer of the Sanrio band with 4 members”, and posted a picture which looks live the vocal and guitar called Crow, the character from the band “ShinganCrimsonz” in the anime “SB69”.

“SHOW BY ROCK!!” is the Sanrio character project which has music and band as its theme.
The story is set in the city MID CITY, where kings are the ruler of the music, and it depicts the lives of the “Mumons”, the musical existence that dreams to become the top star through the band activity. It has been adapted into anime, manga, live-action play, and CDs.

“SHOW BY ROCK!! Fes A Live” is the new sequence to the app “SHOW BY ROCK!!”, which finished on Nov. 2019.
In addition to the familiar bands from the previous app and the TV anime, including Plasmagica, and ShinganCrimsonz, the bands from “SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumairesh”, including Mashumairesh, Dokonjou Finger, and Raising Signal, appear in the game.

On Mar. 11, the day before the release of “SB69” game which the fans have waited for long, Taniyama-san tweeted that “I changed my color for the first time in my life! It's like…the vocal from the Sanrio band with 4 members. Yes, this is the desire for the recognition!” through his account.
Additionally, he posted a selfie with a peace sign with him coloring his hair in red like Crow that he plays.

The responses to his tweet said, “Certain vocalist from a certain rock band from a certain anime made by a certain Sanrio…I see the character. lol”, “Ah, that bossy vocalist with flaming voice!”, “Oh, that's Crow! A person who is playing Crow became Crow!”, “Kishou-san, you are cool! Crow-kun~”, “Your hair color looks good on you! It matches with Crow-kun!”, and “I didn't know that this is your first time! Red hair looks good on you”.